Your personal power plant the size of a suitcase

WATTS Battery provides smart, portable energy storage which combines all the functionalities of a the large, stationary energy storage system in one modular case.


Power up everything from your laptop to your house

WATTS Battery allows you to store solar energy and use it whenever you need it, either as an alternative to a gasoline generator or as an intelligent storage and energy management system

Use solar power

Connect the solar panels to the WATTS modules and use the energy of the sun

Build your own system*

Add modules until you get a system of sufficient power and capacity
*up to 15kW and 12 kWh

At home and outdoors

Take the module with you and use it as an environmentally friendly source of energy while outdoors/exploring nature

Lightweight. Powerful. Big

13 kg /28.6 lbs


1.5 kW


1.2 kWh


Power up any device

One module can deliver up to 1.5 kW of power to your electrical devices


20+ hours


15+ times

Go Pro

170+ times


90+ times


30+ times

Build your own system

Add modules until you get a system of sufficient power and capacity
Make your home autonomous for 2 days with just 4 WATTS modules:

Wi-fi router

48 hours

Home lights

8+ hours


48 hours


5+ hours

Washing machine

One wash

All the necessary components in one device

Each module is a full-featured power supply
and energy management system

We have combined all components in a single package so that the device can be used immediately out of the box


You do not need to separately select the necessary components or hire a service company to have them selected, connected, and synchronized.

Solar Controller
Li-ion Battery
Battery Management System
Main controller

Monitor the energy

WATTS Battery is a smart device that carefully collects full consumption statistics. Analyze your own consumption patterns and optimize costs

The device is able to prevent a power outage during a blackout. All electrical appliances will continue to work, and you will only learn about power outages from the mobile application notification

WATTS gives you the opportunity for shifting electricity demand from the peak to the off-peak time. This control allows you to minimize the purchase rate and save significant money in the long term.

Delayed self consumption

460 mm

360 mm

  • 4xUSB

130 mm

110 mm

Weight: 13 kg / 28.6 lbs
Power: 1.5kW/2.2 kW at peak
Capacity: 1.2 kWh up to 36 kWh
Charging from: Solar panels, power generator or grid
Limits: power - up to 15 kW per phase
Efficiency: 96%
Outputs: AC 120/230V 50/60Hz, DC 5V
Inputs: AC 120/230V 50/60Hz, DC 33-80V
Operating temperature: -10°C to +40°C / 14°F to 104°F
Warranty: 7 years

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