Complete power plant in a compact and beautifully designed package

Complete power plant in a compact package

Even one module is enough to cover your essential electrical appliances in a power outage and create the utmost comfort in your house

One WATTS can cover consumer essentials such as Internet, security system, lights, kettle, microwave oven, and gas boiler.






Laptop and wi-fi router




TV and game console



Source of relief

Energy source that just works

Environmentally friendly energy source that functions silently and requires no attention nor maintenance.

It works in the background and seamlessly controls the energy of your home.



Extended warranty

Grid outage

22m ago

Remaining Power Time


Grid operation restored

2m ago

More convenient than a generator

In the event of power outage or critical voltage drop, WATTS will automatically take over the load and notify you about it.

Detecting a power outage and switching to the WATTS system happens in just a fraction of a second (0.05 sec). All connected appliances will continue working as usual, and you won’t even notice it. This switching time is in order of magnitude faster than any other modern generator with an auto-start functionality.

Energy Management at your fingertips

Energy Management at your fingertips

Monitor your energy consumption through the WATTS mobile application and access your energy usage statistics

WATTS is a smart system that collects and analyzes your consumption data to optimize its operation and maximize your energy self-consumption.

Lego-like DIY modularity

Lego-like scalability of power and energy

Expand your system power and energy capacity by simply stacking WATTS modules on top of each other. No technician, no drilling, no additional connectors, or devices, as simple as it sounds.

WATTS can also travel with you, simply unstack any number of  modules from the top of the stack and take them wherever you go (e.g., camping, picnic).

Just one module provides enough emergency home power for a full day, extending to 3 days when paired with just 1kW of Solar.

Add modules to increase not only capacity, but also power.

Power up the future

Powerbank for everything

From small home appliances to power hungry Electric Vehicles. Enjoy fast charging capabilities at home or use as an emergency backup for your EV.

With a full stack of WATTS modules, you can have a fast-charging station at home. Unstack any number of modules and take them with you as an emergency backup for your last mile to the nearest charging station.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use WATTS?

WATTS allows for the creation of a personal independent power plant from any available source of energy (solar panels, wind generators). It's as easy as turning on the TV, just plug it in the socket and press the power button.

We offer you the opportunity to be independent from energy companies, power line accidents, power supply failures, etc.

WATTS is an environmentally friendly energy source, just attach solar panels to it and say NO to harmful emissions from fuel power plants!

How much power does WATTS provide?

One module provides 1.5kW/2.2 kW at peak. Please check out this chart for more information

How durable are WATTS?

We are confident in the high quality of our products, so we offer you a guarantee for 7 years from the date of purchase of the product. 

What’s the deal with battery lifecycle?

Our engineers ensure that lithium-ion batteries installed in WATTS can withstand up to 2000 cycles! This will allow you to use one battery much longer than other manufacturers. WATTS Battery offer you the maintenance of your device in good condition by replacing the battery pack at 2000 cycles of full discharges.

More information:

The lifecycle o a battery is the number of charge/discharge cycles a battery can perform until its nominal capacity is reduced to a certain value. In modern batteries, this value is 70-80%. After the end of the life cycle, the battery does not stop working, but loses a certain percentage of its capacity. Modern lead-acid batteries are designed for 200-300 cycles, standard lithium - for 500-800 cycles.