Universal solution

Watts Battery combines all features and benefits of both stationary and portable energy storage systems in a beautifully designed package suitable for both off-grid and on-grid applications.

Solar integrators

Increase your value proposition with a Solar and WATTS bundle and remove installation complexities while providing freedom and flexibility. A complete solution that requires no other devices.

Apartments & Condos

Either a tenant, owner, or property manager, increase the value of your property by offering protection from power outages and reduced electricity bills through time-of-use energy arbitrage. WATTS is the only energy storage solution in the market today that can be installed in multi-storey building apartments.

Utility companies

Unlock a new level of customer interaction through detailed behind-the-meter data. Plan and enhance the electricity grid operation with flexible decentralized energy services.  

RV Customizers

A perfect match for RV lovers who want a flexible and versatile solution that can power up all RV appliances but also would like to carry with them outside. 

Outdoor Event Organizers

Plan the perfect outdoor event with clean, eco friendly and silent power supply that goes anywhere. No more noise and pollution from fuel generators.

Self-sustained dwellings

The perfect match for any energy self-sustained solution. Lightweight, compact and multi-energy source.  An ideal option for cottages, pop-up hotels, mobile offices or even remote research stations.

Stack modules

Match your energy and power needs

Connect any source of energy either solar, grid or fuel generator and WATTS will automatically manage the energy streams

Enable the smart grid

Watts Battery modules is a smart IoT system

It's infrastructure leverages behind-the-meter data and uses innovative demand response algorithms to support grid services through a negative demand approach at the consumer site, as opposed to exporting electricity back onto the grid.

Visibility and control

at the grid edge

Access behind-the-meter data for a more effective and efficient network planning and save in grid infrastructure upgrades.

Scheduled and real-time remote control

All cloud-connected Watts Battery modules can be controlled remotely. Rapid demand response in seconds: Peak Shaving, Congestion Relief, Load Shaping, Voltage Support

A new level of customer interaction and services

Let’s power the future together
Partner with Watts Battery

+ Modules can be installed and connect to .LINK in just minutes.

+ Rapid customer service response with real-time updates.

+ Introduce dynamic pricing models and incentives based on behind-the-meter data.

+ No third-party entity involved - direct communication with end-users.

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