WATTS Battery provides smart, portable energy storage which combines all the functionalities of a large, stationary energy storage system in one transportable case.

Solar Integrators

Apartment & Condos

Mobile & Micro Solar

All the necessary components in one device

Each module is a full-featured power supply and energy management system.

We have combined all components in a single package so that the device can be used immediately out of the box. A true plug-and-play system.

System Features


Cloud Connection

API Connection

Energy Management

No Programming

Simplifying Renewable Energy

For business partners who want to offer smart renewable energy and storage, WATTS Battery offers a power plant that fits inside a briefcase. It is connected to the cloud and requires zero programming — unlike our competitors who require deep technical expertise and hours to implement.


We help people become energy independent

Easy Energy Management

WATTS Battery analyzes consumption patterns and optimizes costs.

Your Watts Battery will safeguard your power supply, providing continuous energy to all your appliances as well as instant mobile notifications during an outage.


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