Smart room
Smart room
Secure all crucial electrical appliances of the home, as well as devices that are sensitive to the stability and quality of electricity
Smart condo
Smart condo
Install an energy source at a house. At the time of a power outage, all electrical appliances continue to work
Smart home
Smart home
If you have solar panels, increase their efficiency by adding energy storage. This will help you create a fully autonomous home.
Continuous power time
In case of power outage your electric appliances continue to work for:
2 hours
Home size
I want to power the entire house by connecting modules to the electrical panel
Solar panels
I have solar panels
Additional appliances
Air conditioner
Pool pump
Electric vehicle
Number of modules
WATTS battery
1.5 kW
1.2 kWh
Total cost: 2500$
Calculated results are approximate, contact us for details