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WATTS Power Cell Order Agreement

Placing WATTS order
Thank you for placing WATTS power cell Order (further mentioned as WATTS). Your Order become effective when we receive your Order Payment.

Location Assessment
Installation of your WATTS in certain cases requires trained and certified installer. A representative of Watts Battery or one of our certified installers will contact you to discuss your Order and schedule an installation location assessment if required.

Purchase Agreement
After Location Assessment, you will receive a Purchase Agreement with final specification of your WATTS installation and final purchase price, including installation cost. It is matter of your location and other preferences (example, if you want to use WATTS only as a reserve power cell or you want to power whole house, including PV installation or integration with existing power system) whether you will sign a Purchase Agreement with Watts Battery or one of our affiliates or certified installers. Some geographical location will require signing separate agreements with different entities, for purchase and installation of WATTS.

Order Payment/Cancelation
It is possible that entity, which operates you Order, may differ from Watts Battery depending on your location. We will not hold your Order Payment in a separate account or in an escrow or trust fund, or pay any interest on your Order Payment. Before you enter into a Purchase Agreement, your Order may be cancelled at any time by you or by Watts Battery, in which case you will receive a full refund of your Order Payment. If you enter into a Purchase Agreement, your Order Payment will be applied towards the final purchase price of your WATTS.

Order Transferability
Transfer of your Order to any other party a prohibited without prior written approval of Watts Battery.

Customer Details
To perform our obligations under this WATTS power cell Order Agreement we might ask you to provide additional information. We will maintain your personal information in accordance with our Customer Privacy Policy, which is available at

Order Status
This Order does not constitute the purchase of a WATTS power cell, guarantee that Watts Battery will sell you a WATTS power cell, or grant you delivery priority. The timing for your location assessment, and for delivery and installation of your WATTS power cell, will depend on your geographic location and specific system requirements.