Top 5 reasons to set modular energy management system of a new generation.

It’s hard to imagine our modern world without electric mains. People settle at those lands where these mains are installed, or they have to sacrifice their own comfort. We are used to have electricity at home all the time, that is giving us lights, making household appliances, water supply and heating work. But technologies are developing, engineering solutions are becoming more complex and modern. As a result, high tech products are born, which allow to solve electricity problems and even to choose the place where you really want to live.

Watts Battery is a full-featured energy management system, it’s a principally new and high technology decision for providing electricity to any house or apartment. Our modules (each 14 kg) are charged from the mains (5 hours is enough) and then they work a whole day, without interruptions, making all household appliances and Wi-Fi work.

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Watts Battery modules

The main advantage of our modules is in its simplicity of use. It is enough to have 1 module to make all house appliances work. Also, if you are going to have rest in the forest or going fishing, by having 1 module, you will have mobile phone, laptop or Ipad charged all the time. So in general you are not depending on wires and sockets.

The principal difference of our energy modules to any analogue is that you can grow the system to your needs, whenever you need it (one stack consists of 10 modules, and you can have several stacks).

The idea of creating a storage system of a new generation came to our heads not by chance. There were several reasons for it.

Reason #1. To connect to electricity takes a long time.

Having building a house, you have probably encountered a problem connecting to electricity. Sometimes it takes a long time to sign all the documents, to prepare the equipment and to make all the necessary things. It can take from several days to months. In some countries it takes about a year. You can connect to the power line only after all the technical requirements are met. Before it, the engineer must check whether they are performed correctly.

Reason #2 It’s working, but it turns off!

Power outage is becoming a common issue for some countries. It is very unpleasant and you have to wait for some time for the lights to be given. Meanwhile, the freezer is already leaking, you’re Wi-Fi doesn’t work, TV, microwave, dishwasher…nothing is working.

In this case, Watts modules are real saviors. You just connect all your devices to it and it will make it work: the laptop, TV, you’ll have lightning, etc.

If you connect your home to the Watts modules in advance, it will supply electricity to your home’s switchboard. Watts will automatically detect power outages, and thus — will reserve power for your home.

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Watts Battery modules at home

Reason #3. Independence from wires.

What you have only dreamed about is now becoming a reality. Today having in your car 1 or 2 charged Watts modules you can simply go for a rest in the woods or at the farm where it’s calm and quiet. Watts will charge your phone and laptop, it will help to boil water or even keep the portable refrigerator cold.

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Watts Battery modules in the forest

Besides, having several modules of Watts you can provide electricity to open-air events — whether it’s movie view, picnic or music fest. Just connect all the necessary equipment to the Watts modules and the party is yours:)

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Watts Battery modules outside

Reason #4. We think about ecology.

Exhaust gases are the main cause of air pollution in the cities and beyond. In the early 70s, hygiene scientists determined that the share of atmosphere pollution from automobile exhaust, on average, is equal to 13%. Now, for cities the share of emissions in the total amount of pollution reaches 70% or more.

Watts modules are also the easiest way to generate electricity from the solar panels. The modules are designed to reduce the harmful impact on the environment. They do not emit exhaust gases, do not burn fuel, do not require oil to work. The components are completely harmless after disposal, it does not make a loud noise, unlike traditional generators (UPS).

Reason #5. It is just beautiful !

Watts Battery is design by professional industrial designers who also want to live in a world of new consumption, without harmful emissions and with energy savings. Therefore, they came up with a form factor device that would be convenient, ergonomic, concise looking at home. Also, it was designed to be convenient to carry in the trunk of a car and even — in a special backpack.

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Watts Battery backpack