WATTS Battery — all-in-one smart energy storage system. Do you think it has a high price tag? Think again. 5 reasons to explain why it doesn’t.”

Five years ago, we were thinking about creating a product that will change the energy market and people’s lives. At that time, the interest in solar energy products had already gained momentum internationally and the need to store and use clean energy was becoming evident. While several energy storage products started appearing in the market they required (and still do) hours to days of costly and complex professional installation making the access to renewable energy a privileged feature accessible to only a small part of the population. Then comes our idea to make a product that would substantially simplify the access to renewable energy. So we spotted an area that was likely to have a significant impact in peoples’ life and revolutionize the energy sector — and indeed it had.

However, as with any new product entering the market, consumers become suspicious about it and their primary assessing criteria becomes the price. As such, once consumers find out the price, they usually have two reactions: either joy that they can afford it or surprise that it’s kind of expensive.

In our case, we are happy to see that the vast majority of our customers are experiencing joy that our product can help them access renewable energy and enjoy the benefits. However, for those consumers feeling surprised by the price, we decided to explain the key reasons that make our product unique and the price tag definitely worth it.

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WATTS — is universal powerbank which you can take anywhere
  1. All-in-one Energy System. Let put it simply, there is no other product like this in the market. Everything you need is in the box (i.e., MPPT, inverter, solar inverter, charger, energy management system, has a mobile app for energy use management). You just need a power source (i.e., grid, solar) to connect and you are all set up! Do you need to access free clean energy through solar? You just need a set of panels and directly connect them to WATTS, no additional connectors, or devices.
  2. Simple installation with seamless DIY Lego-style modularity. Unlike other energy storage solutions in the market, WATTS Battery does not require any fixed mounting. Users can scale their system up themselves by merely adding additional WATTS Battery modules on top of each other until their desired power and energy capacity are met. No technician, no drilling, no additional connectors, or devices, as simple as it sounds.
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WATTS is charging from the network, solar panels or generator

3. Stationary and Portable. You are buying a product that is the true edge in the energy storage market and probably the only solution combining both features (stationary and portable). Use WATTS to power your home but also all your remote energy needs. Just unstack any WATTS module and take it with you, anywhere.

4. Smart energy management. You don’t just buy the technology, but also a ready to use energy management system to visualize and control your energy consumption through your phone. How cool is that? Need more than that? Connect your modules to the cloud and sell your energy.

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Fits in any home design, size of one module 36×46 sm

5. Patented High-Quality Technology developed up by world-class engineers. Be assured that the product you buy is unique and fully certified. 99% of our product is designed by our engineers and produced in the EU with the highest standards.

Still have questions? Let’s compare WATTS with Tesla Powerwall which comes to a cost of around $2.7 per watt. While our product costs just $0.3 more than Tesla’s price, we are offering a few more advantages that other energy storage products in the market cannot offer. For example:

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Modular mini power electric station
  • You don’t have to own a house to install one. WATTS does not require any fixed mounting, is scalable, and highly portable, allowing the user (tenant or owner) to move modules to any property they go. No other product in the market can give you this flexibility.
  • Low initial investment. WATTS allows you to enjoy the benefits of renewable energy with a small initial investment (from $2,5k). Then build up your system at your own pace and needs. Other products in the market come in fixed sizes that most of the time are oversized, leading to a huge initial investment (from $10k+).
  • DYI. Increase your system size by simply stacking the additional modules yourself. No technician, no drilling, no additional connectors, or devices.
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  • Take it with you anywhere. WATTS Batteries can move in with you in your new house/apartment and travel with you anywhere you go; simply unstack any number of WATTS modules you desire and have power whenever you go (i.e., camping, fishing..)
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WATTS works outside in any place
  • Aesthetics. WATTS combines high-end technology with style allowing you to sit quietly in your living room without invading your decoration.

As you can see, Watts Battery not only has an adequate price tag for the market but also offers functionalities and features that go beyond the capabilities of other similar energy storage products in the market. Still not convinced or have a question? We are always happy to discuss! Just drop us a line at