WATTS Battery — all-in-one smart energy storage system. Do you think it has a high price tag? Think again. 5 reasons to explain why it doesn’t.”

Five years ago, we were thinking about creating a product that will change the energy market and people’s lives. At that time, the interest in solar energy products had already gained momentum internationally and the need to store and use clean energy was becoming evident. While several energy storage products started appearing in the market […]

Residential Energy Storage for All: Property Tenants and Owners

Recent years have seen an increased number of household owners (around the world) in adopting residential energy storage systems. This trend — which is in a largely driven by (1) the gradually falling prices of the residential energy storage systems, (2) the increase in residential electricity prices, and (3) the reduction of solar PV generation […]

The Future: WATTS Battery Energy Management System

WATTS Battery is a portable energy system that generates a constant supply of energy while driving costs down. WATTS Battery offers one of the lightest and most powerful residential battery energy storage systems for both off-grid and on-grid applications. Our product provides an all-in-one, user-friendly, multi-source power system that allows households to use, manage, and […]

Top 5 reasons to set modular energy management system of new generation.

It’s hard to imagine our modern world without electric mains. People settle at those lands where these mains are installed, or they have to sacrifice their own comfort. We are used to have electricity at home all the time, that is giving us lights, making household appliances, water supply and heating work. But technologies are […]

Self-isolation and electricity: 3 problems that may arise

Quarantine has drastically affected our routine. Companies have switched to remote work, employees have no choice but to work from home and get used to a new rhythm of life. Now as never before we all rely on uninterrupted Internet access. Sudden power outages reduce our productivity and affect the work schedule. In this article, […]

WATTS Battery: One of the 1000 Efficient Solutions

WATTS Battery has recently been awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label. We are grateful to Solar Impulse for such recognition and are happy to join the 1000 Solutions community. After a year of the assessment process, finally, In March 2020, WATTS Battery received the label among other successful startups: GridEye — A digital grid […]