How we created an innovative energy backup system. Made for people.

Inspired by the challenges of living with unreliable electricity, we created an innovative energy storage backup system. It’s made for the people. For their comfort and satisfaction.

Our system is made in Europe and in the US and it is 100% developed by our engineers, designers, and IT specialists to meet the needs of our customers. Our company has a mission: to simplify access to renewable energy sources for all people and let them be energy-independent.

Make it simple

When people decide to buy and install energy storage backup systems for their home, they often need help from specialised integrators who will assess the customers’ needs, the installation area to then proceed with time-consuming and costly installation processes.

Our system was developed to provide a simple solution to powering homes during blackouts. Simplicity means that customers can buy devices like ours at retail stores; this way they don’t need any special technical knowledge or experience in order to use them properly.

Just plug in the system and you’re done!

Engineering Solutions

The engineering team spent months in the research and development phase to achieve the impossible task of designing our system’s complex components.

A system that provides you with energy to run most of your appliances during a blackout, has a solar inverter for continuous free charging from the sun, is equipped with real-time monitoring and control through your mobile phone.

“But all these features are just the beginning,” we thought. We were dedicated to provide another solution that, even today, isn’t available by any other product in the market: cable-free “LEGO” scalability.

Yet with another challenging task we were facing several new questions:

  1. How to increase the power and capacity of the system? We came up with a new idea: adding additional modules on top of each other. This should increase both the capacity (1.2kWh for each module added on the stack) as well as the power output (1.5kW for each module added on the stack).
  2. How to make the scalability cable-free? We had to remove all wires and develop a unique and patented intermodule connector that allows us to connect modules as simple as “LEGO” by simply placing one module on top of another.
  3. This removes completely the need to call an electrician or wire anything, you can do it yourself. It’s as simple as it sounds. This is what we call innovation!

System Operation and Maintenance

System operation and maintenance can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. When you develop a product that your users need or use on a daily basis, they expect for everything about the system to run smoothly. It’s important that you make sure people are able to access their information quickly if there is an issue with their account — this way any issues will get fixed as soon as possible!

One-button system. Our product is a one-button system offering operation simplicity with an intelligent algorithm built into it to handle all power use cases behind the scenes. It monitors your energy consumption, restores your power supply in a fraction of a second, it filters out voltage issues and reduces your electricity bill. There is no need for user interaction as the system automates all these processes.

Real-time monitoring and control. We have provided remote access to the system via the Internet to monitor and control your home energy consumption from anywhere in the world.

10 Years warranty

We have worked on the reliability of the system to ensure a service life of the product for at least 10 years (in case of connection to the Internet).

Automated diagnostic tool

It’s not always easy to know when your system needs an attention or a repair. Sometimes you don’t notice the issue until it becomes a bigger problem and can be costly to take care of. That’s why we developed a remote diagnostic tool that alerts you when there is an issue with your product.

The apparent simplicity of this new evolutionary product might make one think it could have been created using preassembled technology, but that would require too much compromise and customization in order to account for all use cases and scenarios we’ve seen thus far.

The engineering talent on our side has done an excellent job at creating something unique which both allows us maintain flexibility while also catering towards many different types of users who will benefit from its implementation into their daily lives.

Indeed we are always happy to see customers come back to us and ordering additional modules, either to expand their existing system capabilities or start a new project. This is a clear message for us that we did everything right and we will continue to work on improving the product in order to follow our mission.