Why do you also need a backup system for your home?

Let’s say you have a home with solar panels generating free energy during the day for your energy needs. When there is no sun to generate electricity or when electricity from the utility company becomes too expensive, what do you do?

If you don’t plan ahead for a battery energy storage system then you’ll have to manage energy use in the home and be careful about turning off appliances altogether.

And when electricity is shut down, then what? That’s where an energy storage system comes into play.

  1. An energy storage system can store enough energy generated by solar panels (or other sources) that it powers your entire house for at least 6 hours during a power cut.
  2. An energy storage system is like an insurance policy for you and your family because it allows you to pay less for the electricity that most people use during peak energy hours.
  3. The energy storage and management system provides backup battery power in case of emergencies, such as storms or blackouts — something that everyone is experiencing more often these days.
  4. It has the ability to provide energy for several continuous days, running 99% of your home’s essential devices.

So when you invest in an energy backup system, you are investing in peace of mind and stability during power outages.

Having an emergency battery energy storage is one of the smartest choices for home and family. Before the energy storage and management system, you either had to spend tens of thousands of dollars for a home battery backup system or settle for a bulky noisy gas generator that only generates more stress and carbon emissions.

Watts Battery energy storage gives new meaning to your home — reliable, safe, and affordable.