Self-isolation and electricity: 3 problems that may arise

Quarantine has drastically affected our routine. Companies have switched to remote work, employees have no choice but to work from home and get used to a new rhythm of life. Now as never before we all rely on uninterrupted Internet access. Sudden power outages reduce our productivity and affect the work schedule.

In this article, we will talk about the problems that remote employees may face during the quarantine period and the solutions to them.

Power outages in the office

Having a stable Internet is a necessary thing not only at home but also in the office. All the processes that we do are tied to access to the information resources. Even working remotely, many employees are directly dependent on the office Internet, especially in the IT sector. If you have an IT company, most likely you are working on a laptop, but you are connected to your equipment, which is located in the office.

If the power goes off in the office, it will directly affect your work. Therefore, the uninterrupted power supply is not only about the apartment, but also about office buildings. Unfortunately, many of them are not equipped with the latest technology — not all offices have a built-in backup power supply system. Power outages are critical even outside of your home.

Power outages outside the city

Having the opportunity to work remotely, some people chose to travel out of town for self-isolation. Nature and fresh air are great but a poor internet connection can ruin all the plans. While in the city there are strict standards for restoring energy supply, outside the city they are not. In addition, there may be problems with cellular communications. Imagine you lose the Internet in the middle of the day as well as light and cellular communications. You are in civilization but have to go through a lot of discomforts. You can’t even call to report a problem because your phone is not working.

A power outage occurs at the system level, and it can include not only one house but the entire area. In this situation, having energy storage is a true savior. Away from the city, you can not be guaranteed a quick recovery of electricity. Turning off everything completely is the same as being in a forest without cellular communications, while it’s getting dark, and you don’t have any water or food.

No electricity — no smart home

A smart home is the last word in technology, but any smart home is good as long as there is electricity. All that this house knows how to do, it does with the use of electricity, so when there is no electricity — there is no smart home. It can transmit information about the problem only through communication channels, respectively, when there are no communication channels — there is no information.

Imagine you have a leakage sensor, the electricity has turned off, and there is no more information about the leaks. The taps will not work automatically if the pipes burst — the water will flow quietly, no system will save you. Most importantly, you won’t even know that you have some troubles. You are used to the fact that you always have a connection and electricity, but it can let you down. When disconnected from electricity, a smart home turns into a pumpkin. It no longer exists.

Energy storage will save you

Self-isolation only emphasizes the problems with electricity that we have had before. We have grown in comfort, and a stable internet for us is part of this comfort. Therefore, one cannot rely solely on centralized energy supply. You need to take everything into your own hands and ensure uninterrupted access to electricity. We don’t have to get out of our comfort zone. Especially now, when we are strongly tied to our home infrastructure and remote office infrastructure.

Of course, nothing can cope with a problem better than energy storage devices. They guarantee the stability of access to your services and infrastructure in a situation when the electricity is turned off. No matter where: in the office, at home, outdoors. This is not a fashion trend, but something that gives you a sense of security and comfort.

WATTS Battery is also about comfort. This is about staying in a comfort zone even in the most difficult conditions. Another advantage is the ability to connect solar panels to it. If you have solar panels and connect them to WATTS, the level of uninterrupted power supply rises. During the day, you get energy directly from the sun, and at night — from the electricity stored during the day.

In a regular company, you pay employees for every hour of work time. Therefore, if a team cannot work for 2 hours due to power outages, calculate their salary — these are your losses. Two hours of downtime would not be worth the purchase of a couple of WATTS, which could easily fix this.

By investing in storage devices now, in the future, you can connect them to solar panels and save energy. Your office or home will have free electricity due to the fact that you have panels and WATTS. This is a long term investment!