WATTS Battery After 4 Years: Our Team and Mission

WATTS Battery has recently celebrated 4 years. It is time to look back and think about the mission that this company brings to the world. Has it changes over the years? Or does the same idea that the company was born with lie in the core of WATTS Battery today?

The Mission

In fact, we are proud to say that our company follows the same principles as 4 years ago. We wanted to give people an instrument to be proactive in environmental matters — and we succeeded. The main idea of ​​our product is to create interfaces for technologies that allow people to benefit from these technologies.

WATTS Battery gives an opportunity for everyone to be energy independent. Our device simplifies the access to solar energy without involving a contractor. Now switching to solar energy is much easier!

Yuriy Vlasov, the founder of WATTS Battery, comments, “We want create products based on technologies that people can use. And we want to continue to create new products based on technologies that allow anyone to achieve full autonomy, whether in the desert, in the city or on Mars. There should be a set of some devices that completely cover your needs for comfort. We are all city dwellers accustomed to the comfort, which is why we always need electricity. Electricity is the foundation of everything.”

The Culture

Our corporate culture is similar to the one of Silicon Valley. There are no rules, we have people fully involved in the process, and no one tells anyone what to do. A team is selected so that each person knows what to do, and is an expert in his field. Having a team of such creative and enthusiastic people is amazing but it comes with its own issues. For example, adding corporate rules into such systems slows them down a lot.

Now we are moving to a new level of company development when we need to add consistency to the process. We have recently discussed the need for implementing a work schedule. We have been doing this for 4 years, we did not have a work schedule in the company. Just because we are growing. Everyone agrees that we need a system but this is a challenge for us 🙂

Overall, WATTS Battery is growing every year but our team and values stay the same. And this is definitely the consistency we want to keep!