WATTS Battery: One of the 1000 Efficient Solutions

WATTS Battery has recently been awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label. We are grateful to Solar Impulse for such recognition and are happy to join the 1000 Solutions community.

After a year of the assessment process, finally, In March 2020, WATTS Battery received the label among other successful startups:

  • GridEye — A digital grid optimizer for power distribution networks
  • Magenta Gaming water-cooling — A cloud-based gaming platform that uses a water-cooling technology for its data center
  • Wind Energy 2.0 — A containerized mobile wind energy system
  • Skywater — Stormwater management solutions for cities to overcome floods and urban heat islands while reintroducing biodiversity
  • UHCS Recycled PET house — A modular construction system that up-cycles PET plastic waste into a high-performance, low-cost and flexible building structure
  • Carwatt — a solution that converts industrial and special vehicles into electric vehicles, using new or 2nd life batteries
  • Biofilm Removal With Ultrasound, by Harsonic biofilm removal without chemicals
  • ŸnMeal — Molitor Premium Protein, by Ynsect
  • SEADS — Blue Barriers, by Sea Defence Solutions

WATTS Battery is thrilled to be labeled among such unique startups! Yuriy Vlasov, the founder of WATTS Battery, shares what inspired him to apply to the Solar Impulse Foundation.

“In 2018, I met one person who made the first solar catamaran — this was Rafael Domian from Switzerland, a traveler, and a businessman. He made this project to prove that solar energy can be effective in one of the sources of greenhouse gas generation (like ships, vehicles, etc.). The project was called Planet Solar Türanor — they built a big boat and successfully traveled around the world using only the electricity generated by solar panels. He proved to everyone that the sun is an important source and can be directly used in established industries that usually resist change.

I was inspired by Rafael’s story and began to look further for people who make similar projects. Then I heard about Bertrand Piccard — a man who made a flight around the world on an airplane powered by solar panels. I realized that he created a community very similar to B Corp — he united companies whose products improve the environmental situation.

I also wanted to become a part of this community. We submitted an application — the whole process lasted for almost a year. Just recently we received confirmation that we are included in the official members of this alliance, which was the decision we were waiting for. If you want to make drastic changes, you need to make such acquaintances and partnerships that will help you to achieve them. They should also believe that they can change the world for the better. In the Solar Impulse Foundation, we found such like-minded people. And since it is a European organization, we are closer to this community than to B Corp. But in general, they declare the same principles that we fully support.”